Interview with Mischa Samson of Sanitas Brewing

For our Soundslides assignment, Kaley and I headed to Sanitas Brewing and interviewed Mischa Samson, one of the brewmasters. Check it out here.


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  1. michaelkodas says:

    Lauren and Kaley,
    Nice story. I think the audio quality on your subject’s voice is very good. The music and the noise in the background is somewhat distracting, but the quality of the vocal recording still stands out and holds down the piece well. The story gets a little long, and you get into a “how to” mode that is a bit dry. His stories about his early mistakes and war stories are far more interesting than the “how to brew beer” portion. The photos get a bit redundant. In some cases, you’ve got several photos of people in very similar work situations. The additional photos from the same situation dilute the impact of the best ones. The whole piece can be quite a bit shorter, so that would eliminate a few photos, but the best ones can stay up longer to eliminate the ones that are more filler.


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