The 2015 Rocky Mountain Showdown begins

A towering buffalo looks out over the University of Colorado Golden Buffalo Marching Band on Saturday Sept. 19 as they enter Lot C to open the official CU Alumni Association tailgate. One hour until the Rocky Mountain Showdown begins and spirits are high all over Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver. Go Buffs!
The conductor of the University of Colorado Golden Buffalo Marching Band leads the band and helps spark excitement in the crowd as current CU students as well as alumni prepare for the game of the year.

The Golden Buffalo Marching Band has been an integral part of school spirit history at the University of Colorado for many years. They perform at every home game and a few away games such as today because their powerful musical performances elicit pride in every fan as they chant along with them to their favorite fight songs.

The University of Colorado Cheerleading Squad performs at the CU Alumni Association tailgate and successfully gets the crowd singing and dancing in a sea of black and gold.

The University of Colorado Cheerleading Squad is a valuable member of the CU Spirit Program. The CU Spirit program includes the cheerleading squad, the dance team and of course, the beloved costumed mascot Chip the buffalo. Their effervescent energy plays a crucial role at the Rocky Mountain Showdown as they help CU fans get ready to support their team as they go head-to-head with rival Colorado State University.

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  1. michaelkodas says:

    Good situation, Lauren. Your medium shots have some good life to them and are well composed. I think you need a strong detail. Something that brings the viewer’s eye tightly into something granular. The photos, at this point, seem a bit generic, which I think you can see highlighted by your captions, which themselves seem a bit repetitive by identifying that the cheerleaders and band are integral parts of CU’s sports program. I’d like to see some photos of people reacting to the entertainment or responding to the game, digging into the tailgate food, throwing a football themselves, etc. You need some kind of photo that is specific enough about a person that you have in the photo is identified by name in the caption – somebody the viewer can relate to as a participant in the event.


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