The Home Less Traveled

65-year-old Vietnam War veteran Don Brandt has been living on the streets for 45 years but there is something he wants you to know: he is not homeless. While he may not have an actual place of residence, Brandt says that Mother Nature has provided him with the best apartment in town. “The outdoors are my home and what better home could I ever ask for?” he said. After graduating from Auburn High School in Rockford, Ill., Brandt spent four years in the air force stationed 150 miles northeast of Bangkok. Upon his return home from the service, he decided his only two goals in life were to become a successful mountaineer and a prospector so he began his life on the road. Brandt has been calling Boulder home for 13 years now yet he carries with him only two prized possessions: his hammock and a 2 ounce vial of gold. He will only sell his vial when it is completely full, a task that may take the rest of his life, but as always, he is ready for the challenges that life throws at him.

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  1. Jim price says:


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  2. michaelkodas says:

    Nice photo of a great face. It would be good to get some light into his face so we could see his eyes, but that’s often difficult with a cellphone camera. When you are close the flash on a cellphone camera can fill in the shadows a little bit, or sometimes you can find something that will reflect light into his face. I like having a street scene behind him, but I think you could find a cleaner background that would make his face pop out a bit more. You’ve written a good caption for the photo, which is critical to good multimedia.


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